Services that deliver an international impact

Our range of services has been developed to serve our clients in their pursuit to bring awe-inspiring programs and first-class innovations to the world stage.

We work with government departments, businesses and the private sector on a range of events and venues that significantly shape the cultural landscape. We get excited by big vision and bold endeavour that seeks to bring tomorrow’s ideas into today.

Our strength lies in our ability to mobilise proven strategies that deliver consistent results and outstanding outcomes.

We are people-minded in every stage of our work. Our relationship with our clients is paramount, and we understand our role is to faithfully bring their visions to fulfilment, which in turn frees our clients to turn their attention to their programs and guests.

Bringing our expertise to where it’s needed.

Our clients can choose from our wide range of operation solutions, according to their needs on each project. From selecting one or two key services, having us manage portions of their venue or event, to engaging us for full turnkey operations solutions throughout the life of a project. Reporting and reflection are focused on fine-tuning our operations and continually supporting our clients’ vision.
Engaging IVG in an advisory capacity helps clients who are looking to enhance the outcomes of their event, project, or venue. Our collaborative process takes into account your unique propositions and turns them to your advantage. Through business planning and strategic advisory, we can enable your event, project, or venue to reach its potential and create a lasting impact.
Short-term solutions

IVG is positioned to bring our strategic operations solutions to short-term projects, events and transitional situations. This can include pre-opening services, business improvement, procurement, and short-term staffing. Our goal-driven approach ensures that clear targets are established and achieved within the agreed time-frame, with supportive hand-over or exit strategies in place.

World Expo Pavilions

IVG specialises in complete operations and advisory services for World Expo Pavilions. Our award-winning services and leadership have been recognised by clients at the Dubai, Milan, Shanghai and Aichi World Expos. We are now excited to be working towards Osaka in 2025 with several high profile participants.

We are proud to be a sought-after contributor at each World Expo, and we continually develop our services to ensure that the participation of our clients is highly successful across all measurables.

World Expos require a high degree of planning and multi-stage approval processes. We work to cover all requirements including:

• Staffing and HR
• Establishing the Organisational Structure
• Recruitment of Staff
• Onboarding and Training of Staff
• Performance Management
• Visa and Accreditation Services
• Finalisation of Budget and Cash Flow
• Procurement Processes
• Financial Services
• Tax and Compliance
• Insurance
• Client Reporting
• Logistics
• Security
• Uniforms
• Cleaning
• Media & Communications
• Maintenance
• Entertainment & Cultural Programs
• National Days
• Sourcing & Liaising with Partners
• Gift Stores
• Food & Beverage
• Decommissioning

Major sporting, music, arts, and cultural events require adept handling to ensure delivery is on time and on budget. Our experience in the sector ensures smooth operations that highlight the joy and unique experience of live events.

Our services can include:

· Foundation Planning
· Stakeholder Advisory
· Feasibility Analysis
· Project Design
· Project Management
· Event Management
· Operational Planning
· Workforce Management
· Logistics
· Commercial Strategy
· Partner Sales
· Partner Servicing
· Health and Safety
· Media Management and PR
· Accommodation Services
· Ground Transport
· Business Planning
· Organisational Structure Design
· Commercial Strategy
· Strategic Advisory
· Commercial Strategy
· F&B Services
· Retail Services
· VIP Services

The services we provide for venue clients are aimed at providing elevated user engagement, improving productivity, developing capacity, and increasing commercial performance. From initial strategy, audits of performance, or changes in purpose, our consultation and strategy development will expand the venue’s usability and capacity.

Our services can include:

· Commercial Strategy
· Business Planning
· Strategic Advisory
· Venue Development
· Legacy
· Project Management
· Operational Planning
· Workforce Management
· Operational Readiness
· Venue Management
· Budget Advisory
· Organisational Structure Design
· Operational Models
· Visitor Experience Planning
· Design Review
· Policy and Procedure Development
· Fit-Out and FFE Recommendations
· Health and Safety Planning
· Facility Maintenance Planning
· Stakeholder Advisory
· Hirer Strategy
· Commercial Strategy
· Event Management
· Ticketing Strategy
· Retail Services
· F&B Services

IVG develops retail strategies that maximise the potential of a store to become an attraction for shoppers. Combining localised knowledge of the retail opportunity and purpose with our goal-oriented methods leads to successful retail operations – with visitor experience always at the forefront.

Food & beverage services provide an unmatched opportunity to make a meaningful connection with guests and visitors at venues and events.  Our catering services are developed to serve the needs of each situation, driven by the goals of our clients and the desired experience of their guests.

IVG has a long history of involvement in planning and operations at the world’s most significant cultural events. With the unparalleled capacity of attracting the global gaze, these events benefit from meticulous planning and faultless execution.