Marion Cultural Centre – Australia

Case Study
Marion Cultural Centre – Australia

The Marion Cultural Centre houses metropolitan Adelaide’s premier performing arts space and also incorporates a library, gallery, café and function spaces.

IVG was retained to provide a full suite of pre-opening services and successfully open the Centre before handing it to Council for long term management.

This role included organisational structure design, recruitment and training of all staff, pre-opening marketing, and establishment of the Café.

IVG achieved or exceeded all KPI’s established for the pre-opening and opening phases and were excited to have this opportunity to contribute to Adelaide’s thriving arts scene.


Adelaide, Australia


City of Marion

IVG services for the Marion Cultural Centre – Australia

  • Commercial Strategy
  • Ticketing Strategy
  • Hirer Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • F&B Services
  • Facility Maintenance Planning
  • Organisational Structure Design
  • Operational Planning
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Workforce Management